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The Law Offices of Mark H. Barber diligently and competently serve their clients with the highest quality legal representation. We employ experienced attorneys who partner with California employers, carriers and third-party administrators in defending workers' compensation and related matters. Our goal is to provide expert, responsive and effective legal representation which gives our clients an advantage in all matters raised before the California Workers' Compensation Appeals Board.

Our firm offers specialized educational seminars on topics of interest to our clients. We mentor our clients in the effective handling of workers' compensation insurance fraud prosecutions, the defense of Serious and Willful Misconduct Applications and discrimination allegations under Labor Code ยง132a.

Our attorneys are expert and specialized. We provide results-oriented and cost-effective legal services, leading to the most successful and expeditious outcomes possible on behalf of our clients.

Contact the Law Offices of Mark H. Barber to learn how we can improve the outcome of your California Workers' Compensation and related matters.